Thursday, 18 October 2012

Jewellery making....toddler style

Some days I just have a spurt of inspiration (is "spurt" the right verb?) and as it happens so infrequently, I go with it.  I was actually clearing out the utility room when I came across some florist wire that I bought for goodness knows what; and a couple of polysytrene egg boxes which my ebay eggs arrived in eons ago.  Voila, I had the brilliant idea of sticking the wires in the polysytrene and giving C some glowstick connectors (little plastic tubes) to drop on the wire.  A bit like a stacker on a smaller, finer scale. Well I thought it sounded like the kind of thing she might like but C had other ideas....

She took the wire out of the polystyrene; broke up the egg box and threaded the plastic tube on the wire.  I left her to it and went on sorting out the contents of the utility room cupboard which by now were strewn everywhere.  Ten minutes later, C walks in saying "Your birthday Nannny, here's a present for you.  A bracelet".  Her creativity took me completely by surprise and I went along with it.  She choose some buttons and pony beads to add to the glowstick plastic things and played for at least an hour; making bracelets and necklaces.

She then moved onto other birthday-related projects (she LOVES playing birthdays), her last creation being a "birthday cake" - in which the wire found itself back into the polystyrene, just where we began.



  1. That is sooo adorable mum .. look at my little girl grow up! :'( well i shalst be expecting one of these bracelets for christmas :) love you all xxx

  2. Thank you for your comment sweetheart. You can't have one, it'snot your birthday ;P xxx

  3. This sounds like something some of my grandchildren would do. And you're such a good nanny, just letting her exercise her creativity!