Friday, 31 August 2012

The too hungry caterpillars

Or should I say "gazzilions" of stripy, hungry caterpillars (and eggs, grrrrrrr) in the no-idea-what-they-are-but-look-like-cabbages plants.  Today, being one of the few nice days of late, was a garden day, Grandad and I picking the caterpillars off the plants and putting them in pots to give to the chickens (who incidently didn't touch them!).

I must be the only person to find the Very Hungry Caterpillar MIND NUMBINGLY DULL AND BORING (sorry Eric Carle fans!), so we never read it, but C and I have watched this you tube vid  quite a few times; needless to say one of us was pleased to see so many caterpillars and eggs. At one point we did have to say that C could only play with the caterpillars outside the veggies, as quite a few were successfully helped in their bid for freedom from the pot and were dropped back on the plants - never to be found again.

C played with them for about half an hour; "giving them kisses" (eeurgh!); "cuddling" them (it's actually under her finger!)....

....stroking(!) them....

....sticking them to her jumper.....

....sticking them to her wellies

 (which they don't).....

....feeding them grass.....

...and although C was very careful not to squash them, she was very matter of fact when one did 'stop moving'.

I just hope I can tap into some of that 'groundedness' when the first of our animals leave us in the next couple of weeks.....


  1. I don't envy you the explaining that you are going to have to do soon!

    Love the pics of C playing with the caterpillars. My two granddaughters played with a butterfly for an hour at the last family reunion. It was clinging to their clothes, hanging on to a stick that they carried around, etc. Eventually it flew away.

  2. What is it about bugs that crawl on you? Endlessly fascinating. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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