Sunday, 19 August 2012

Going on holiday

There was  a time a few weeks back when whoever C asked to play with my reply was "they're on holiday".

C: "me go on holiday tooooooo"

Me: "ok, we can go on holiday.  What would you like to do on holiday" (it's so hard to explain the notion of holiday to a 2 year old so I turned the tables - clever eh?)

C: "feed ducks; walk, walk, walk; eat brown sausages".  The reference to brown sausages actually means unbattered, unlike the ones we have got for her from the fish and chip shop.

I may not be a duck but FEED ME!!!
Well, with that list in mind (ignoring the fact that we actually have ducks here that she could feed AND we could walk down to the forest or river AND that we could purchase an unbattered sausage), Grandpa Southwellski and I took C 'on holiday'.  We went to Pensthorpe.  The only place I could think of guaranteed to have ducks to feed, whilst providing a change of scenery for us adults too.

It was actually great fun.  If that sounds unexpected, it's intentional!

We pond-dipped; played croquet; fed ducks; and "walked, walked, walked"; but alas, alack we forgot to pack brown sausages in our picnic!

Oh well, that just means we will have to go on another 'holiday' soon.

Anyone for croquet?

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  1. It's definitely the humble holidays that get remembered sometimes. Spending a bunch of money is no guarantee of creating a memorable experience. It looks to me as if you had a holiday to remember! Love the croquet pic.