Tuesday, 27 March 2012

That magic inch

ARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH.  C can now open her bedroom door.

Me: "It's time for your nap now"
C: Trundles off to the bathroom for wees, then hops into bed
Me:  Shuts door and quietly goes into study to take Scrabble go(s) on FB
15 seconds pass.  Door creaks...patter patter patter
C: "Awake"


AARRGHHHHHHHHHHH.  The question is do we a. lock her in b. hold the handle SuperNanny style c. move the handle up (I have a resident carpenter).  I thought I might try d first - no not bribery (although it did cross my mind) but boundaries.

I did actually tell her a few moments ago - after the 3rd time of trying to get her to take a nap that if she came out of the her bedroom Nanny would put her straight back in bed because she needed to sleep to make her cold better.  So far so good.  I think I need a NannyNap now.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Oh me of little faith

If you remember a while back I talked about ordering some bits from America via Bundlebox.  Let's just say the first experience wasn't exactly problem free (another post entirely!) but I did eventually get my goods.

One such purchase was this box from Discount School Supply.  I have to say I was struggling with how I was going to use it (that limited imagination again) until last weekend.  We had some lovely friends over for dinner and they brought with them C's belated birthday pressie: a clock with 12 numbers on round puzzle pieces.  It is a lovely gift (thank you Auntie Jo!) but we did wonder how she would fare with all the pieces being exactly the same size and shape.  We decided it would be fine and fun and she would do the number thing when she was a little bit older.  Then we watched in amazement as C took out all the pieces and put the first couple back in the right places.  Fluke we thought, until she had done all twelve!   

O...K....Little Miss Matching was one step ahead of her old Nan.  Then came a Eureka moment!  The dusty "memory box" I was regretting buying!

At the moment this is her favourite game - after sticking stickers that is.  And you thought it was food on her jumper. 

Lifting the lid.   Some boxes were empty - which only added to the excitement!

We're not worrying about trivial things like upside down numbers :)


It's a funny old world.  I've recently read a blog where the blogger ranted about people blogging about their perfect lives (is there such a thing?); with their perfect children (who were clean so that doesn't include C!); in their perfect houses.  Ouchy.  Poor blogger.  The frequent use of the word batsh*t made me smile, but apart from that the post made me think about how honest my own blogging is.  Thought over. It's honest enough.

Who wants to read the mundane stuff of normal life i.e. "and today I cleared the dog cr*p up" (if you have a dog) and why would I want to reveal my inner-most personal thoughts (nice and oh-not-not-so-very-nice-at-all) without a cloak of anonymity?  Some blogs are like therapy; some blogs are like a soap opera; some blogs made you blooming angry or are laugh out loud funny.  I like to think my blog is the blogdom equivilent of a nice cup of tea.

And anyway, I never know just who is reading.  Or do I......... .

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Have hose, will water

Watering the sky
This should be titled "have hose, will water - everything and anybody".  It's been a perfect day for watery play.  Some of us i.e. Grandad; Nanny; and "Onya" (Uncle Luke) weren't exactly willing or consensual participants in the one-sided water game, but at least the hose-holder had a blast.  Literally so, towards the end!

The hose is our veggie garden one and takes quite a lot of effort to keep the trigger pressed in - at one point C was using her more-than-ample belly!  Trigger operation is good exercise for the muscles in her little hands and squirting is great for hand/eye cordination.

Pictures speak louder than words and here are a few; please note the pink/red is actually paint; the brown is mud and can you believe she managed to stay so dirty even though she was playing with water?
Gotcha! (Uncle Luke runs for cover)


Belly control

 Shame we'll have to be more inventive next week after the hosepipe ban comes in force.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

WeeRide - On yer bike

In preparation for the birthday weekend at CentreParcs and seeing our little one was now a big girl, we considered trading our bike trailer for a bike seat.  I had heard that the rear mounted bike seats can make your bike less stable (in fact I do remember dropping the bike once with my daughter on the back - ooops) so thought we would try the 'progressive' front mounted ones. 

We picked the WeeRide (available from Amazon) because it was slightly more expensive (we believed you get what you pay for) and the company owner seemed to be diligent at answering the negative reviews.

When it arrived, I was so excited.  15 minutes later I was so disappointed.

Safe and snug last year.
Sadly, It is everything the negative reviews said it was: flimsy; poor quality; and made riding our bikes with C incredibly difficult (we would have needed long bow legs and a long neck to see over C!).  Personally at 5"1 ish I also found the leg rests chafed my thighs - and that was with jeans on, so I could forget riding wearing shorts.

Oh well, back to the bike trailer until we can find something else.

UPDATE March 2012 We DID find something else - a GMG bike seat! Love it, love it, love it.